Toxicity testing for the 21st century

Mechanistic framework for modern toxicology

We’re working to promote the National Academy of Sciences’ vision of ‘21st century toxicology’ (Tox21) globally – through strategic scientific collaboration and continuing education. The vision is to use our deep understanding of biology to create more relevant and predictive approaches to ensure the safe use of chemicals.


About pathway-based safety assessment

We believe that a systems biology-based approach can generate relevant data more efficiently on potential chemical and environmental disease risks to people and our planet.



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We’re improving biological knowledge management globally to support the acceptance and implementation of non-animal approaches to research and chemical safety assessment.



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Get to know our corporate partners who share our Tox21 vision of a future without animal testing.


REACHing for solutions: Essential revisions to the EU chemicals regulation to modernise safety assessment

Pereira M, Macmillan DS, Willett C, Seidle T.

Paving the way for application of next generation risk assessment to safety decision-making for cosmetic ingredients

Dent MP, Vaillancourt E, Thomas RS, Carmichael PL, Ouedraogo G, Kojima H, Barroso J, Ansell J, Barton-Maclaren TS, Bennekou SH, Boekelheide K, Ezendam J, Field J, Fitzpatrick S, Hatao M, Kreiling R, Lorencini M, Mahony C, Montemayor B, Mazaro-Costa R, Oliveira J, Rogiers V, Smegal D, Taalman R, Tokura Y, Verma R, Willett C, C. Yang

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Our Collaborators

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