Master Class in Animal-Free Safety Assessment for Cosmetics

Master Class in Animal-Free Safety Assessment for Cosmetics - AFSA

The AFSA Collaboration has developed this Master Class to build confidence and global capacity in the use of animal-free data in safety decision-making. These state-of-the-art scientific tools support the goal of safe and sustainable products by design, and inform robust regulatory decisions, maintaining a high standard of consumer protection, and assisting compliance with animal testing restrictions. Read our press release.

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The AFSA Master Class has been designed for stakeholders engaged in cosmetic and chemical safety assessment and regulation, and may be especially useful for the followinG:

  • Product and chemical safety assessors and regulators
  • Regulatory affairs and compliance specialists
  • CRO/GLP laboratories
  • Small and medium enterprises
  • Graduate students
  • Non-governmental organizations

The course content is based on the principles of next-generation risk assessment (NGRA), which is an exposure-led, hypothesis-driven risk assessment approach that integrates existing knowledge with in silico, in chemico, and in vitro approaches in a tiered framework to identify situations in which a product or ingredient may be used safely.


The individual modules correspond to various components of the risk assessment process, and address how non-animal data can be used to inform safety decisions, rather than how individual non-animal tests are performed. It is hoped that this unique resource will contribute to increased understanding, acceptance, and global capacity to implement animal-free approaches as the basis for safety decisions for cosmetic products and their ingredients.

The AFSA Master Class will be launched in phases as follows:

March 2023:

  • Module 0 – Overview
  • Module 1 – Problem Formulation
  • Module 2 – Consumer Exposure
  • Module 3 – Predictive Chemistry
  • Module 4a – Exposure-based Waiving

September 2023

  • Module 4b – Safety of Botanicals: History of Safe Use

November 2023

  • Module 8 – Global Regulatory Landscape

January 2024

  • Module 6 – Internal exposure (Dosimetry)

May 2024

  • Module 5 – In vitro Assay Synthesis

Fall 2024

  • Module 7 – Integration into Risk Assessment

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