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Webinar: Use of New Approach Methods for Cosmetic Safety Assessment  

30th April 2020

Recent advances in chemical safety assessment now allow the complete evaluation of personal care products without the use of animals. Exposure based approaches and hypothesis driven data generation form the basis of non-animal cosmetic safety assessments. The safety assessment approach begins with problem formulation and evaluation of existing information before considering development of a targeted testing approaches. Assessment tools, often described as New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), can include computational models and human relevant in vitro assays which are applied in combination to provide information on ingredient hazard and risk assessment. Finally, these disparate types of information are integrated and weighted in a transparent assessment that captures uncertainty. Each presentation in this webinar will cover different aspects of this decision process.

Introduction: Hypothesis led safety assessment of cosmetics
Catherine Willett, Humane Society International
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Exposure based safety assessment of cosmetics
Corie Ellison, Procter and Gamble
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The application of in silico models to support decision making in toxicology: QSAR, informatics, pathway modelling, uncertainty
Chris Barber, Lhasa, LTD
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In vitro approaches to cosmetic safety assessment
Paul Walker, Cyprotex Discovery Ltd
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Integration of new approach methodologies for cosmetic safety decision making
Matt Dent, Unilever
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