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REACHing for solutions: Essential revisions to the EU chemicals regulation to modernise safety assessment

Pereira M, Macmillan DS, Willett C, Seidle T.

Paving the way for application of next generation risk assessment to safety decision-making for cosmetic ingredients

Dent MP, Vaillancourt E, Thomas RS, Carmichael PL, Ouedraogo G, Kojima H, Barroso J, Ansell J, Barton-Maclaren TS, Bennekou SH, Boekelheide K, Ezendam J, Field J, Fitzpatrick S, Hatao M, Kreiling R, Lorencini M, Mahony C, Montemayor B, Mazaro-Costa R, Oliveira J, Rogiers V, Smegal D, Taalman R, Tokura Y, Verma R, Willett C, C. Yang

Systematic Review to Compare Chemical Hazard Predictions of the Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Test With Mammalian Prenatal Developmental Toxicity

Hoffmann S, Marigliani B, Akgün-Ölmez SG, Ireland D, Cruz R, Busquet F, Flick B, Lalu M, Ghandakly EC, de Vries RBM, Witters H, Wright RA, Ölmez M, Willett C, Hartung T, Stephens ML, Tsaioun KA

The potential of mechanistic information organised within the AOP framework to increase regulatory uptake of the developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) in vitro battery of assays

Sachana, M, Willett, C, Pistollato, F, Bal-Price, A.

Re: A call for action on the development and implementation of new methodologies for safety assessment of chemical-based products in the EU – A short communication

Cronin M, Doe J, Pereira M, Willett C.

Systematic Organization of COVID-19 Data Supported by the Adverse Outcome Pathway Framework

Nymark P, Sachana M, Leite SB, Sund J, Krebs CE, Sullivan K, Edwards S, Viviani L, Willett C, Landesmann B, Wittwehr C

Applying evidence-based methods to the development and use of adverse outcome pathways

de Vries, R. B. M., Angrish, M., Browne, P., Brozek, J., Rooney, A. A., Wikoff, D. S., Whaley, P., Edwards, S. W., Morgan, R. L., Druwe, I. L., Hoffmann, S., Hartung, T., Thayer, K., Avey, M. T., Beverly, B. E. J., Falavigna, M., Gibbons, C., Goyak, K., Kraft, A., Nampo, F., Qaseem, A., Sears, M., Singh, J. A., Willett, C., Yost, E. Y. ., Schünemann, H. and Tsaioun, K.

The Use of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) to Support Chemical Safety Decisions Within the Context of Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA)

Willett C., in Kojima H., Seidle T., Spielmann H. (eds) Alternatives to Animal Testing. Springer, Singapore.

Chemical hazard prediction and hypothesis testing using quantitative adverse outcome pathways

Perkins EJ, Gayen K, Schemaker JE, Antczak P, et al.

Workshop on the validation and regulatory acceptance of innovative 3R approaches in regulatory toxicology – Evolution versus revolution

Burgdorf T, Piersma AH, Landsiedel R, Clewell R, Kleinstreuer N, Oelgeschläger M, Desprez B, Kienhuis A, Bosh P, de Vries R, de Wit L, Seidle T, Scheel J, Schönfelder G, van Benthem J, Vinggaard AM, Eskes C, Ezendam J

Global harmonization of vaccine testing requirements: Making elimination of the ATT and TABST a concrete global achievement

Viviani L, Halder M, Gruber M, Bruckner L, Cußler K, Sanyal G, Srinivas G, Goel S, Kaashoek M, Litthauer D, Lopes da Silva A, Sakanyan E, Aprea P, Jin H, Vandeputte J, Seidle T, Yakunin D

The overt and hidden use of animal-derived products in alternative methods for skin sensitisation: a systematic review

Marigliani B, Sehn FP, Silva JVMA, Balottin LBL, Augusto EFP, Buehler AM