Global Regulatory Alignment

Global Regulatory Alignment - AFSA

Cruelty-free beauty is on its way to becoming mainstream globally, driven in large part by the #BeCrueltyFree campaign led by Humane Society International, the Humane Society of the United States and our national affiliates and partners, in coordination with corporate members of the AFSA Collaboration.

Forty-four countries have already banned animal testing for cosmetics, and our goal is to outlaw this practice in all major beauty markets worldwide by the end of 2024. We believe that consumers should be able to pick up a cosmetic product anywhere in the world and be confident that it is safe to use, and free from any new animal testing.

The #BeCrueltyFree campaign was instrumental in driving the European Union to become the world’s largest cruelty-free cosmetics market, and in securing similar victories in India, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Guatemala, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Chile and eleven US states. Today, we are leading 12 simultaneous legislative efforts across the following geographies:

  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)