Despite having been obsoleted and their scientific basis called into question, Abnormal Toxicity Test (ATT), Target Animal Batch Safety Test (TABST) and Laboratory Animal Batch Safety Test (LABST) are still being used in numerous countries.

Their global deletion needs to become a priority to allow the worldwide production of more readily available vaccines—and to spare the lives of countless animals.

Europe, US, Canada, VICH-affiliated countries and the WHO have already sanctioned their deletion, but its fulfillment is prevented by a variety of hindering factors. From a lack of global coordination to regionalism, from local unfamiliarity with new approaches or technologies to difficult communications between manufacturers and regulators and more, these are the issues that need immediate discussion—and action—to secure deletion of ATT, TABST and LABST.

The Symposium aims to bring together a wider range of global stakeholders to strategically plan for the harmonized deletion of ATT and TABST; leverage success stories as case studies and lay out a strategy for their global deletion; identify the specific barriers and difficulties hindering the deletion of ATT and TABST in regions still undecided on evaluating and implementing more effective methods and define a roadmap populated with concrete actions to overcome those difficulties.