Webinar: Developing Human Relevant Research in India

22nd August 2020

Centre for Predictive Human Model Systems (CPHMS), Atal Incubation Centre – Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (AIC – CCMB) and Humane Society International/India have organized a series of webinars on human relevant model systems used in clinical and biomedical research, which are now available to view on video.

The first webinar, Developing Human Relevant Research in India, Part 1: Microphysiological Systems, explored the research happening in the field of organoids and organ-on-chip in India.

The second webinar, Developing Human Relevant Research in India, Part 2: Systems Biology & Pharmacology, explored the state of systems/computational approaches in India, including how these methods are being used to develop predictive science and to inform the various steps of drug discovery process. Part 2 Speakers include:

  • Dr. Surat Parvatam, Senior Research Associate, CPHMS, AIC – CCMB: The status of systems/computational biology research in disease biology and drug discovery in India
  • Dr. Rukmini Kumar, Co-founder and Principal Scientist at Vantage Research, Chennai: QSP (Quantitative Systems Pharmacology) in Pharma R&D: Modelling mitigates risk in drug development
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