Capacity building: Education and Training Program in Animal-Free Safety Assessment of Chemicals

Capacity building: Education and Training Program in Animal-Free Safety Assessment of Chemicals - AFSA

Science has advanced rapidly in recent years, rendering safety assessment of certain products and substances not just possible, but actual in some circumstances. This is especially true in the area of cosmetic safety assessment, where animal testing bans have fueled urgency in development and use of non-animal methods. 

Animal-free risk assessment combines existing information with information generated in vitro to identify situations in which a product or ingredient may be used safely. It covers everything from addressing relatively simple questions like “will this product cause skin or eye irritation?” to more complex questions such as “is this product likely to cause any long-term effect when used as expected?”

To create the AFSA E&T course modules, we have taken the complete risk assessment process and divided it into eight modules for content development (as diagrammed above). A cross-cutting ninth module covers the state of the global regulatory environment for cosmetics and chemicals. Our program is based on extensive work that has already been done in collaborations between industry and regulators, including the Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) principles and SEURAT workflow

Training Program

To complement legislative efforts to end cosmetic animal testing, we are developing training materials to build capacity in the application of animal-free risk assessment of cosmetics and ingredients. This will support the development of new and safer products as well as robust safety decisions.

  • Safety assessment of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients without new animal data
  • Covers all aspects of the process for internal and regulatory safety assessments
  • Covers the spectrum of available tools as well as some tools in development
  • Focuses on understanding the information generated from the tools and how to use this information vs. how to perform or build the individual methods
  • To address the needs of regulatory & regulated communities, CROs & other stakeholders
  • To support regional capacity-building to achieve long-term acceptance & implementation of animal-free approaches 

The course is relevant to any stakeholder that makes a decision regarding chemical safety, including:

  • government and industry safety assessors
  • small and medium enterprises
  • contract research organizations & consultants

The modules include content and learning objectives for both novice and expert audiences.

Cosmetics Education & Training Program - Preview Webinars

Consumer Exposure

Presented by AFSA members:
Christina Hickey, Firmenich
David Sheffield, Unilever
Presentation Slides

Predictive Chemistry

Presented by AFSA members:
Ann Detroyer, L’Oréal
Wendy Simpson, Unilever
Presentation Slides


Presented by AFSA members:
Rebecca Clewell, 21st Century Tox Consulting
Allison Schafer, Procter and Gamble Presentation Slides

Global Regulatory Landscape

Presented by AFSA member:
Jay Ingram, Delphic HSE
Presentation Slides

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